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Medically Proven & Trusted The incredible, portable drinking straw medically proven to instantly filter bacteria from any water supply in the
world without using chemicals!
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Sips it straight from the water
supply and purify!

Slip it in your pocket just 20.5cm in length!
Medically proven micro-filtration system
stops 99.99999 % of bacteria!

Safer than bottled water
Medically proven and
approved by NATA
Fits in your pocket
Works without chemicals
Saves the environment
Filters up to 500 litres
Automatically cuts off
when filter is full

An absolute essential for:-

Backpackers and Campers – As the word spreads SureAquaStraw is becoming as essential as a mosquito net or a first aid kit in your back pack - no more deli belly now you can sip water from any local water supply in the world without worry and its so compact it doesn’t add to the weight of your rucksack.

Holiday makers – you might think you never have to drink the local water whilst on a luxury holiday but even the ice they put into your pina colada could well be contaminated –don’t miss precious days suffering with a bad stomach- pop your SureAquaStraw in your beach bag and sip your cold cocktail without the worry!

Hikers – Staying hydrated can be a matter of life or death for hikers but who wants to lug all that extra water weight? Lighten the load and make sure you always have access to healthy drinking water – the SureAquaStraw is so effective you can put it directly into a river, stream or watering hole and sip an endless supply of pure, fresh water!

Health conscious families – even in western countries there is never a 100% guarantee that the drinking water will always be safe but rather than hurting the environment and wasting money on bottled water you can use the SureAquaStraw straight from the tap!


NEW, The SureAquaBottle
The Worlds safest water purification bottle with
the breakthrough membrane that can filter micro
particles as small as 0.01 microns without chemicals!

Super safe large volume membrane filtration technology
Filters 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses
Chemical Free so perfect for pregnant women, babies or
people with thyroid problems
SAVES Money – SAVES the environment and could even
SAVE your life…STOP spending money on bottled
water that damages the environment! Reduce your
carbon footprint now with the SureAquaBottle!
Filters the equivalent of 2 litres a day for 17 months
without the hundreds of damaging plastic bottles!

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